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On InterviewPal , I played a crucial role in creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for job seekers. Leveraging my skills in front-end development, I brought the InterviewPal platform to life by designing intuitive pages that enable users to practice for their interviews with ease. Through my contributions, users can now benefit from the cutting-edge GPT-3.5 technology that powers the platform, receiving personalized feedback on their answers to common interview questions. With my focus on delivering a top-notch user experience, I am proud to have played a pivotal role in making InterviewPal a valuable tool for job seekers everywhere.






On WordGotchu, I played a key role in bringing a dynamic and engaging gaming experience to life. Leveraging my skills in back-end development, I created the necessary code to enable seamless multiplayer functionality for the game, allowing players to compete against each other in real-time. Additionally, I contributed to the development of the game's unique "Gotchus" characters, designing their abilities and bringing them to life through code. Through my work, I helped establish WordGotchu as a captivating and immersive game, combining the addictive gameplay of Wordle with a vibrant and original Pixel art style. As a result of my contributions, players can now battle it out in the arena with their custom Gotchus and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.







On FirstMaps, I played a vital role in creating a platform that facilitates the sharing of culture and history of First Nations communities through the power of maps. Utilizing my expertise in map API development, I enabled users to create and view points of interest on a map, providing an immersive and interactive way to learn about the unique history and language of First Nations communities in a given area. Through my contributions, I also developed a powerful search functionality that enables users to easily find locations of interest and learn more about the rich cultural heritage of First Nations communities. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, I am proud to have played a significant role in making the FirstMaps platform a valuable resource for First Nations communities and anyone seeking to learn more about their rich and diverse history.

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I’m interested in freelance opportunities – especially ambitious or large projects. However, if you have other request or question, don’t hesitate to contact me using any of the links below.


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